Non Commercial Use of Trademarks

There are two types of non commercial uses of trademarks: descriptive and parody. Whether it’s a movie or a song, the non-commercial use of a trademark must not suggest an association with the owner of the trademark. Neither type of use depreciates the goodwill associated with the mark. In either case, the trademark owner must approve the use. Let’s discuss both types of uses in more detail webtoon.

A trademark may be used without the owner’s permission if it is used for commentary or criticism, but not for the same purpose. Fair Use doctrine protects a trademark even when used for comparative, editorial, or informational purposes, as long as the use is “related” to the work. In some cases, the trademark may even be used for purely expressive purposes, but that doesn’t mean it can be used for commercial purposes.

In addition to the commercial use of a trademark, fair use of a trademark also covers a variety of uses that aren’t permitted. Often, this means using another company’s trademark without permission. Often, this means a small amount of promotional or free advertising, and the trademark will not be used for anything except the intended purpose. Fair use also includes using a trademark to describe a kind, quality, weight, or true intent starmusiq.

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